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Tax Saving Tips for Small Business Owners for 2007 Tax Season

Soon 2006 will be gone and the season for tax filing will be here. It is important that before the year ends small business take advantage of tax saving tips to minimize their tax burden and maximize their returns. Here are a few tax-saving tips that small business should take advantage of:


Last Minute Tax Saving Tip

When getting started in Real Estate 5 years ago, I was living off $850 per paycheck bi-weekly. And for a few years, I didn’t receive these big fat checks that all those real estate books and seminars were talking about. I was doing all the tedious work myself to save money. One day after work, a letter from the IRS welcomed me with a $6,500 check!


9 Ways To Cut Your Taxes And Increase Your Returns Before Year Ends

There is only a few more weeks left before the end of the year, but you still have time left for some tax-saving moves. Each year brings with it new opportunities and challenges as tax laws change continually.

Here are a few tax saving tips:


Get More Tax Refund Money Using Income Tax Deductions and Credits

How do some people seem to always pay less tax or get a bigger tax refund than anyone else, while you try everything possible, just to break even? What if you could find a way to get 20%, 30% or even 50% more money on your tax refund, how much money would that be? Hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.