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ABCs of Life Insurance Settlement

When you have a life insurance policy, you may think that the only way you can get money from the policy is for you to die! Luckily, there is another way in which you can use the value of your life insurance policy to get cash. If you have a life insurance policy which you no longer need or want, you can sell it to a third party. This third party will give you more cash than what the life insurance company will give you. The third party then becomes the beneficiary of the policy and will make payments on it.


How to Sell Your Promissory Note-Real Estate-Business-Annuity-Structured Settlement

First, the definition of a Promissory Note:

(A promissory note is defined as ‘A promise to pay a certain amount of money on a periodic or future lump sum, defined by the terms and conditions contained in the Note Document’. Usually, a Promissory Note is constructed during a tangible property sale event where the property seller ‘takes back’ a promise-to-pay (Promissory Note) instead of Cash.)


Personal Injury Settlements: Frequently Asked Questions

A personal injury settlement gives an opportunity for the victim to recover from financial crisis and secure apt treatment. Personal injury settlement outside the court is a good choice for insurance companies and the injured one, as these settlements are less expensive and limit further distress of time consumption. It is also possible to negotiate for maximum compensation for pain and suffering.


Look At The Stock Market Like This

What is the stock market? What does that term really mean to you? To many of us it symbolizes a way to get rich quick, a way to make money without having to really go out and put our back into it but is that really what the stock market is all about?


What Things Do You Buy Each Day?

Saving money is never as hard as it may seem. We all buy certain things regularly, we all need food, toilet paper, household cleaners, makeup and countless other things, and chances are most of us are spending more than we have to on these.


Use Protection: Online Banking Security & Identity Theft Prevention

In a paperless world, you might think identity theft would run rampant. But it’s really not that bad. With so many banks, credit card companies and stores going totally electronic, they’ve all taken steps to increase online security and help prevent identity theft.


Credit Repair Secrets That Work

Credit Repair Pays

The impact of bad credit can be significant. Over the years we have helped tens of thousands of our customers successfully repair their credit reports. Credit report repair takes effort and patience. But it is an effort that is well rewarded. We would like to offer some tips for those that would like to undertake the process themselves. It can be done!