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Great Interest Rates On Home Improvement Loans

The past few years have seen lowered interest rates at unbelievable lows. More and more people have taken advantage of the low interest rates and bought the home of their dreams. Home improvement loans are easier to get with low interest rates, and you can do those things you always wanted to do with your home. You can add on or remodel your home, and maybe even be able to keep the same amount of monthly payment or less. Home improvement loans can not only allow you to make the changes you want on your home, but increase the value of it as well when you are finished with the work.


How to Become a Mortgage Broker

We list some of the initial steps you should consider before opening your own Mortgage Company as a Mortgage Broker. Please consider the below.

Set up your Corporation

Before you setup your mortgage company, you will need to decide upon the type of entity through which you will operate your business. Will you set up as a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietorship?


Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

If you’ve ever listened to Warren Buffett talk about investing, you’ve heard him mention the idea of a company’s moat. The moat is a simple way of describing a company’s competitive advantages. Company’s with a strong competitive advantage have large moats, and therefore higher profit margins. And investors should always be concerned with profit margins.


Expect Higher Uranium Prices in February (and Later)

After a six-week stalemate, the spot uranium price indicator renewed its upward climb, as witnessed by the weekly spot uranium price change announced by UxC on January 29th and by Trade Tech’s Nuclear Market Review in the magazine’s month end report on January 31st. Both consulting services increased the uranium price indicator by $3 to US$75/pound U3O8 by month end.


How to Make 100% or More on Your Money

No, this is not some futures or commodities trading strategy. You don’t have to join a cult or an MLM. And you can do this for years.

The only qualification is that you have a mortgage or home equity loan.


Compound Interest - How to Turn $100s into $1,000,000s

We have all heard that we should start saving money as soon as possible, due to the fact that the earlier we start, the more we will have later in life. Now, while this is absolutely true, the question is, why? What is it about putting money away long term that can turn hundreds into millions? The answer is compound interest.


Life Insurance – When Only The Best Will Do!

We’re all too used to hearing about rising prices. But there’s one thing that now costs less than ever – good life insurance! Intrigued? Read on …


Life Insurance Quotes: What To Expect From An Agent

If you are looking for life insurance quotes, sooner or later you’ll talk to an agent or representative of the life insurance company. Here are some ways to prepare, and know what to expect when you are ready to meet with an agent


Why You Should Take Time To Find The Best Life Insurance Quotes As Soon As You Can

We all have people in our lives that we care deeply for, and if you want to be able to ensure that they are well off even if you were to somehow die tomorrow, then you should seriously consider setting aside some time to find your own best life insurance quotes. Taking the time to find resources and websites full of information about insurance could be one of the most important tasks you do all year – and what better motivation to do so than to be able to protect your family after you are gone.


Term Life Insurance with No Exam

Many people strive to purchase term life insurance policies that require no medical exams; however, medical exams aren’t enforced to torture you as a potential term life insurance plan policyholder. Medical exams are usually in effect simply to protect the term life insurance company. These medical exams may actually protect you, too.


Life Insurance - The Three Most Common Types Of Policies Explained

The life insurance industry has been misunderstood when it comes down to the sale of life insurance policies. Folks must appreciate the fact that dying is just a part of life.