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E-currency Trading - An Alternative to Futures & Forex Trading

I find it amazing that nearly everyday I receive something online or offline that is the greatest break-through in Trading. You know the stuff. This ‘system´ or that ‘method´ has been thoroughly tested and back-tested in every conceivable fashion and is wildly successful. Some work for a period of time but most do not. The decades old statistical fact still remains, 90+% of Futures Traders will lose all of their trading capital within their first year of trading. Now there is a new and promising alternative.


Currency Forex Trading System-A Proven Strategy To Learn How To Trade Forex Profitably On Your Own

If you have selected a suitable forex trading platform based on the 6 point Criteria and have proceeded to fund your account with the broker, what’s next?

Should you spend time paper trading or do you start to trade immediately?


Currency Forex Trading Platform-How To Select The Best Trading Platform Using A 6 Point Criteria

As forex trading becomes more and more popular today, there are more and more forex brokers getting into the industry to service the demand, and thus leading to a proliferation of forex trading platforms in the market today.


A Conservative Approach To Futures Trading- Seasonal Spread Trading

Spread trading is a concept not all that familiar to the average commodity investor. The typical commodity trader analyzes a particular market, either from a technical or a fundamental standpoint, sometimes combining the two; makes a determination as to whether the market exhibits either a bullish or bearish bias, and then wagers by going long a futures contract or purchasing a call option, or by going short a futures contract or buying a put option. There are a number of variations on the theme, but the idea is basically the same.


Forex Price Action Trader - How To Trade The Bearish Price Action

The forex price action trader will use no indicators but just a study of the price in his trading charts to decide on the next line of action. In that sense, the forex price action trading has been described as the no-frills, plain vanilla type of trading, as there are no technical indicators such as bollinger bands, Relative strength index, moving average convergence divergence (macd) and other related indicators on his price charts that he uses to trade.