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Bad Credit: How Do Inquiries Affect My Chances?

Many people ignore that certain credit inquiries can affect your credit score negatively and thus you should try to avoid them at all cost. But how do inquiries affect your chances of getting approved for finance? The answer to this question is not that complicated. But first, you need to be able to differentiate between diverse kinds of credit inquiries as not all of them affect credit score negatively. Only then you’ll be able to know which inquires to avoid and how to avoid too many of them if they are needed.

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Credit Cards After Bankruptcy - Is It Feasible?

One of the things that need to be made clear is how long after bankruptcy you are applying. Another important topic is the type of credit card you want to apply to. And finally, another issue is the things you can do in order to boost your chances of getting approved for a credit card after going through a bankruptcy process that has ruined your credit score and history.

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