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Best Way To Sell Structured Settlement Payment For a Lump Sum of Cash

More and more people are choosing to sell structured settlement payment rather than receive their monthly annuities. Why? Because money today is always worth more than money tomorrow, and some people like the certainty that comes with getting a lump sum of cash in hand.


10 “Must Have” Psychological Trading Rules

Simple, basic, tried and tested rules that all traders of all markets need to implant in their brains so they become a part of their personality…

1/ Plan Your Trades And Trade Your Plans … a well organized and specific plan allows you to automatically act as the market unfolds before your eyes eliminating rash and spontaneous decisions which minimizes losses regardless of the trading system being used.


Learn Option Trading

Options are commonly known as “derivatives” because the Options market is a market which is “derived” from another market. The most commonly known options are derivatives of the share market, but you can also have options on commodity futures such as gold, silver, sugar, wheat or pork bellies, or on other financial instruments such as currencies. The market is based purely on supply and demand, which means the prices rise and fall according to market sentiment. Whether we are talking about shares, commodities or currencies, these upward or downward trends can be tracked on charts. It is a true saying that “a picture paints a thousand words” and in the same way, charts can give us a visual representation of the movements in price, in a way that no amount of tabulated data can. Charts are our best friend if we want to learn option trading because they help us to decide when to buy or sell, or what strategy to employ.