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10 “Must Have” Psychological Trading Rules

Simple, basic, tried and tested rules that all traders of all markets need to implant in their brains so they become a part of their personality…

1/ Plan Your Trades And Trade Your Plans … a well organized and specific plan allows you to automatically act as the market unfolds before your eyes eliminating rash and spontaneous decisions which minimizes losses regardless of the trading system being used.


Learn Option Trading

Options are commonly known as “derivatives” because the Options market is a market which is “derived” from another market. The most commonly known options are derivatives of the share market, but you can also have options on commodity futures such as gold, silver, sugar, wheat or pork bellies, or on other financial instruments such as currencies. The market is based purely on supply and demand, which means the prices rise and fall according to market sentiment. Whether we are talking about shares, commodities or currencies, these upward or downward trends can be tracked on charts. It is a true saying that “a picture paints a thousand words” and in the same way, charts can give us a visual representation of the movements in price, in a way that no amount of tabulated data can. Charts are our best friend if we want to learn option trading because they help us to decide when to buy or sell, or what strategy to employ.


The Water Factor in Uranium Mining

Water plays an integral role for In Situ Recovery (ISR) uranium mining. If the water is not in the right place, ISR mining can not take place. A company’s ‘pounds in the ground’ are nearly worthless or may have to be extracted through other means.


How Do You You Find Someone To Buy Your Business Note or Other Debt Instrument?

With the advent of the Internet, it’s much easier these days to find someone to buy your business note. Your best bet is to sell to a professional note buyer, as they will be able to get you the most cash and offer you the most options when it comes to the sale of your paper.


Free Credit Card Debt Consolidation – Manage Your Debts For Free

Free credit card debt consolidation is a non-profit endeavor to help you manage and reduce your credit card debt obligations. Professionals, who are operating as non-profit credit card debt Consolidation Company, provide genuine support and advice free of cost or charge nominal fees for other services such as loans for consolidating credit card bills.


Debt Consolidation Gives You A Complete Control Over Your Debt Level

With more and more people struggling to cope up with the pressure of debt increase, debt consolidation is a well known topic, these days. To fix a specific level of debts that can be payable by own income structure, it is important to analyze overall financial condition, negotiate with the creditors and locate a suitable debt consolidation program. In this regard, one needs to add professional touch to the process to arrive at the fruitful end of debt problems. Debt consolidation companies are coming into being to help people suffering from different types of unsecured debt problems. Now all that you need to become debt free is to locate a good debt consolidation company and follow the plan suggested by them.


Automated Currency Trading System - 5 Benefits Why You Should Use One

Did you know that… You Could Setup a Automated Currency Trading System That Earns You Big Money And You Dont Need Any Knowledge of Forex Trading.

Currency trading becomes more and more automated. No one knows what the future holds but automated forex trading systems has become more popular than ever.


Forex Trading Platform - How to Choose The Best Platform & Broker

I bet you can’t tell me… How to choose a good forex trading platform?

Choosing a forex trading platform can be very hard if you dont know what to look for.

In this article you will learn the most important things that a good forex trading platform should have.


Bad Credit: How Do Inquiries Affect My Chances?

Many people ignore that certain credit inquiries can affect your credit score negatively and thus you should try to avoid them at all cost. But how do inquiries affect your chances of getting approved for finance? The answer to this question is not that complicated. But first, you need to be able to differentiate between diverse kinds of credit inquiries as not all of them affect credit score negatively. Only then you’ll be able to know which inquires to avoid and how to avoid too many of them if they are needed.

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Credit Cards After Bankruptcy - Is It Feasible?

One of the things that need to be made clear is how long after bankruptcy you are applying. Another important topic is the type of credit card you want to apply to. And finally, another issue is the things you can do in order to boost your chances of getting approved for a credit card after going through a bankruptcy process that has ruined your credit score and history.

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