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Is a Structured Settlement Right for you?

If you had the misfortune of being involved in an accident of some type, a

Structured Settlement may be in your best interest. A structured settlement

can help you gain the financial security and protection for you and your family


Guide to Selling a Structured Settlement

Many people throughout the world have structured settlements or annuities with the desire of turning these future payments into a lump sum of cash. In other words they wish to sell their future or periodic payments.

This is SSQ’s official guide to selling structured settlements.


The Basics Of Federal Income Tax

The basics of a federal tax return are:

1. First find out if you need to file a federal tax return.


The 2006-2007 Tax Calendar At A Glance

Taxes and tax returns are of paramount importance and a person needs what can be termed as tax discipline. In order of get all tax papers and relevant details ready and the tax returns, both federal and state filed on time you need a “tax calendar” which will become a ready reference source. The IRS in its efforts to allay fears of tax returns and make tax returns less complicated has a set of useful guidelines at: .


How A Few Stock Options Basics Can Help Your Options Trading

Stock options provide a great opportunity to profit in the stock market. The use of stock options is often times misunderstood. For this reason some of the basics of using stock options should be covered in order place you all on the road to successful trading.


7 Advantages Of Trading Stock Online

Online stock trade is an exciting and thrilling way of investing in financial market via internet. One has to be properly well versed with the ups and downs of the stock trading in order to prevent dejections and losses for every time you trade.

Basic Concept Behind Stock Investing


Ten Simple Investment Tips

When I first started trading the stock market, there was not the wealth of information available online like there is today. I read a lot of books and learned the terms and thought I knew everything necessary to make my fortune trading the market. I found a discount broker and started plugging away, and immediately lost my shirt.


The Benefits of Online Stock Trading

There are many online stocks available, including penny stocks or high-end ones which can be a couple of hundred dollars each. Most of the stocks online are also available in the real world market but at a higher cost. Buying online stocks means you can start trading without paying high brokerage fees. You have total control over your stocks too.


Currency Day Trading - My 5 Biggest Mistakes

Currency day trading is 90% mental! I had heard this from many professional traders but when you start as a novice in the Forex world you can fail to realize the significance of that statement.


How To Save Money When You Are In Debt

Everybody wants a piece of your paycheck. I mean, doesn’t it seem like as soon as you get paid, the money is gone before you can blink an eye? Car payment(s), rent or mortgage, insurances, phone bills, utility bills, credit card payments, and the list goes on and on.


Get a Debt Consolidation Loan Without Owning a Home

You can consolidate debt without even owning a home. Whether it be help through a debt consolidation or credit counseling service, or just good old fashioned budgeting and financial planning, it can be done.


3 Debt Tips for Dealing With Debt and Your Credit Score

Debt is a huge part of your overall credit score. While too much debt can hurt your credit score, having no debt at all can hurt your credit score as well.


Your Forex Trading Style - The Spider Or The Cat Approach?

Forex trading is a very individual activity and each trader has a particular Forex trading style depending on their personality type.

Being able to objectively analyze our own trading style is a great asset. We can then develop our style into a more consistent trading method by identifying positive and negative characteristics. The following analogy from the natural world is a tool we can use for self-analysis.


5 Must Know Things About Credit Reports

1. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. These three credit bureaus are responsible for reporting your credit scores to banks and other lending institutions. The basic idea behind reporting and tracking your credit history is to get an idea on how prompt and reliable a person is in repaying the loans.


Bankruptcy and after Bankruptcy Services

When people decide to declare bankruptcy they think that they are going to go into court and tell a judge that he has too much debt and he can’t pay it and the judge will say ok, your bankruptcy is discharged. Well, that has never happened before and it is certainly not going to happen now. The laws as of October 2006 have been changed; it is no longer that easy to have all of your debt disappear. It is very difficult that you will get a Chapter 7 discharge. Courts are cracking down on people who are just simply over spending.


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