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Is a Structured Settlement Right for you?

If you had the misfortune of being involved in an accident of some type, a

Structured Settlement may be in your best interest. A structured settlement

can help you gain the financial security and protection for you and your family


Guide to Selling a Structured Settlement

Many people throughout the world have structured settlements or annuities with the desire of turning these future payments into a lump sum of cash. In other words they wish to sell their future or periodic payments.

This is SSQ’s official guide to selling structured settlements.


The Basics Of Federal Income Tax

The basics of a federal tax return are:

1. First find out if you need to file a federal tax return.


The 2006-2007 Tax Calendar At A Glance

Taxes and tax returns are of paramount importance and a person needs what can be termed as tax discipline. In order of get all tax papers and relevant details ready and the tax returns, both federal and state filed on time you need a “tax calendar” which will become a ready reference source. The IRS in its efforts to allay fears of tax returns and make tax returns less complicated has a set of useful guidelines at: .