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Tips For Investing Your Small Savings

I only have a limited amount of money (Dh3,000). Where can I invest it, and receive the highest return?

Many times we hear this million dollar question “When on earth do I start my savings plan?”


Social Security And Elder Finances

I Worry About the Young People and I Worry About the Older People. Did you know that the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 9 percent of children have symptoms of depression? It is believed that the large number of social pressures may be pushing more kids over the edge. Depressed youngsters are at high risk for school failure, social isolation, promiscuity, self-medication with drugs or alcohol, and suicide. A large number of children today, depressed or not, is joining gangs and consequently, younger and younger children are committing crimes and going to jail at earlier ages. What is even worse, a large number of high-school students have had suicidal thoughts and some of them have even planed to take their own lives. I am worried!