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A Critical Study on Forex Traders

Since Forex trading is based on speculation and always involves huge margin for profit or loss, it does not necessarily mean that people or organizations always trade in professional styles following a set of researched techniques and steps. So, we come to undergo experiences of trading in both amateur and professional ways.


Day Trading Chat Rooms - What to Realistically Expect

About two years ago I entered a slump in my day trading. I decided to hunt the internet, and there I found many day trading chat rooms. One by one I signed up for trials to see what they were about. I had never been in a chat room before.


How to Make $100-$200 a Day Trading

Does making $100-200 a day within a two hour time window sound appealing to you? Of course it does, who wouldn’t?

The real question is… are you willing to put in the time, effort and money to learn to do this? We might lose a few people with that question.


Five Steps To Trading For A Living

For the past five years my sole source of income has been profits made from trading on the forex market. Over that time period, many people, perhaps somewhat envious of my ability to earn money from home without having to report to a boss, have asked me what it takes to trade for a living. How can one arrive at a point where one feels confident enough to leave ones regular employment, strike off on ones own with no guarantee of a regular paycheck, and put what might conceivably be ones entire savings up to that point at risk in the markets?