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Borrowing Confidence Rises: UK Consumers 4 times More Likely to Borrow

Consumer confidence in the UK has grown 4 times greater in the first 7 months of 2013 than it was in 2012. The research conducted by Hitachi Personal Finance has shown a marked increase in credit applications in that period, indicating the attitude toward borrowing in this economy has improved greatly.


What To Look For In a Paid Survey Panel

It’s true that it’s relatively easy to sign up for a survey website and get started, especially these days when they’re everywhere and unemployment is at record levels. However, once you’ve found a survey site that you’re willing to invest yourself in, you need to make sure that they’ll have surveys you’re going to be able to participate in.


Common Areas in Life You Could be Saving Money in

There are many ways that we can save money that many people do not think about. Saving money does not always mean having to go without things and having to scrimp and save. There are things that can be done to save money that will take little effort and not big lifestyle changes.


How to Borrow Money Without a Bank

Most people think that the only way to borrow money is to go to your bank. However, if they do not want to do this or think that the bank will not lend them any more money, then they may think that they have no other choices. However, below are some options that could be considered instead of borrowing from a bank.


Are Any Personal Loans Safe?

There are people that think that an unsecured personal loan is safe because nothing is being used as collateral. This means that the loan is not secured against a house or vehicle and so those cannot be automatically taken if the repayments cannot be met. However this does not mean that you are safe if you do not make the repayments.


How a Check Book Can Balance your Finances

Using a check book may seem rather old fashioned, but it can actually be a big help when trying to balance your finances. As long as you keep proper records in your check book then you can use it to help you.

Keeping Track of Spending


Secure Payment Methods for Online Gaming

Playing online casino games has become a well liked pastime for many people around the world. Some of these players chose to play the free games while others instead prefer to make the stakes real and wager their own money. Before they can do this, they must first provide funds to their account at the online casino.


What Changes Do Businesses Face Due to the Governments New Pension Plans?

Businesses of all sizes and incomes will be forced to abide by the auto enrolment pension legislation over the next five years. Auto enrolment officially begins this month with nine of the UK’s biggest employers set to be first on board.


Tips To Choose A Personal Finance Planner

Management of finance is something an individual should personally take care of; however, sometimes it becomes impossible for people to manage their finances for themselves. For helping people to manage their finances there are professionals called as Personal Finance Planners who can efficiently handle the financial issues of people. They can help people on matters pertaining to insurance, investments and budgeting. Some finance planners can offer advice; however some of them work with the objective of selling some finance products. Therefore, a reliable planner should be selected and here are some useful tips for choosing a planner:

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Personal Finance - Applying for a Personal Loan

There are numerous reasons why a personal loan may be required, home improvements, car purchases, holidays or new furniture. Make sure you understand what type of loan you are taking out, if it is secured against your property or an unsecured loan.

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Deferred Student Loans - Make Sure You Understand The Rules

Getting to college, saving the money and earning it as you go is only a part of the story. Most students will borrow at least some of the cash they need.


Tips For Investing Your Small Savings

I only have a limited amount of money (Dh3,000). Where can I invest it, and receive the highest return?

Many times we hear this million dollar question “When on earth do I start my savings plan?”


Social Security And Elder Finances

I Worry About the Young People and I Worry About the Older People. Did you know that the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 9 percent of children have symptoms of depression? It is believed that the large number of social pressures may be pushing more kids over the edge. Depressed youngsters are at high risk for school failure, social isolation, promiscuity, self-medication with drugs or alcohol, and suicide. A large number of children today, depressed or not, is joining gangs and consequently, younger and younger children are committing crimes and going to jail at earlier ages. What is even worse, a large number of high-school students have had suicidal thoughts and some of them have even planed to take their own lives. I am worried!


How To Retire Young And Escape A Mid-Life Crisis

get married, have some kids and pay off the mortgage. If everything goes well, we will then retire somewhere sunny playing bridge and golf everyday. Many people will also go through painful episodes of divorce and/or bankruptcy.


Joe Versus The Joneses

The expression “keeping up with the Joneses” was first coined by the cartoonist Arthur R. (”Pop”) Momand in his once highly popular comic strip entitled, ‘keeping up with the Joneses’. Launched in 1913, the comic strip ran in American newspapers for over 28 years. The inspiration for the comic strip came directly from Pop’s experiences in his former hometown of Cedarhurst, New York where friends and neighbors were living well beyond their means in their eternal quest to keep up with their well-to-do acquaintances.


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