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Why Oil Stocks May be Good for Your Portfolio

Stock markets love a consensus, but the oil market is one where consensus is very hard to achieve. There is much battle going about oil stocks. Some expect them to keep rising. Some expect them to peak soon. Others expect them to go down in the not-so near future, but down nevertheless. So, who to listen to?


10 “Must Have” Psychological Trading Rules

Simple, basic, tried and tested rules that all traders of all markets need to implant in their brains so they become a part of their personality…

1/ Plan Your Trades And Trade Your Plans … a well organized and specific plan allows you to automatically act as the market unfolds before your eyes eliminating rash and spontaneous decisions which minimizes losses regardless of the trading system being used.


Top Mutual Fund Performers — Where They Are And How To Find Them

In the vast investment market of more than 9,000 mutual funds, how are top mutual fund performers found? Funds that give shareholders large dividends (income/capital gains) are one category to pursue. Funds that maintain performance growth are another. But how are these mutual funds found?


March Investment Madness - The Financial Final Four

Although it may be hard to believe, there is more going on in the world than the NCAA Basketball Tournament. And even though it’s not nearly as exciting as an expanded sports page, you will soon receive your March (Investment) Tournament Program… in the form of Brokerage Firm Statements. What is this guy talking about? What correlation could there possibly be between an Annual Round Ball Tournament and an Investment Portfolio or its Management? Let’s start with a few simplistic similarities: the total unpredictability of the end result; the interim ups and downs, emotionally and numerically; the media hype and expert commentary; the skill and coaching requirements. And a few of the differences: the long-term impact on people’s lives; the possibility that all participants can achieve their goals; the open-ended time frame; the non-competitive nature of the event.


Stock Picks 101 - Day Trading Versus Swing Trading

When you trade stock picks for any length of time you learn very thoroughly that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. In other words, you are always making trade-offs. What are the trade-offs between day trading and swing trading?


The ‘Secret Sauce’ To Successful Penny Stock Investing

I like penny stocks. Over the years I’ve seen some really good returns. I’ve also had some of my more speculative plays tank. And whether a stock climbs or falls, I will give credit where credit’s due. I did my due diligence and was right or wrong OR I got really lucky.


Will The Bull Rage On In 2007?

When I was a kid my mom used to get angry and ask me why I always pointed out the negative things. Conversely, if I ever got into trouble, I would plead with my parents, asking them why my “one” indiscretion outweighed all the good.


Day Trading Stocks - How Are You Doing?

Most trading is done emotionally charged, out of control, and frustrating as consistently losing is the norm. From this stressful and financially draining experience of not winning, few traders ever see the possibility for long term success - becoming a winner.

Losing or producing boring, mediocre returns is the guaranteed outcome of not having the following:


An Introduction to Option Spreads

Options trading, just like other trading activities, requires a strategy. At the core of many options trading strategies is option spreads. An option spread is the position that is entered when the investor purchases and sells (writes) equal numbers of the same kind of options with the same underlying security. However, the strike prices and expiration dates of these options differ depending on the type of spread.


Smart Stocks – Managing Your Risks In The Stock Market

Whenever you invest your money in the stock market, you take on a certain amount of risk. While there is no way to get around that risk, it is possible to manage your risk by educating yourself before you start trading.


10 Easy Steps Towards Stock Market Success

We all need a set of guidelines to help us along the way. This is what I use in all of my investments to ensure that I maximize every profit and virtually eliminate all of my risks. Now you can too…

1. Set Your Goal


Want To Improve Your Emini Trading Results? Here’s The Easiest, Quickest Solution

Having traded and spoken with many Emini traders and traders in other markets over the years, I’ve found that the vast majority never achieve their full potential and in fact many spend years in a fruitless search for Emini trading success.


An Investing Secret - Why Buy And Hold Will Not Perform

Its so easy today to invest. Place your order, press submit and you instantly can become a shareholder. Ask any officer of a publicly traded company, and they will tell you, they love when shareholders buy and hold. This helps the price of the shares retain its value (instead of selling their shares like everyone else, they hold, avoiding an even larger drop in share price). While you probably wouldn’t consider driving downhill without brakes, why would you buy and hold onto a company that is losing you money? This is where an investment plan comes in.


Stock Market For Beginners

The world of stocks is a lucrative realm to enter. As such, more and more people all over the world are delving into this rewarding world of trading. However, business opportunities which come from this environment also come with grave risks. A wrong entrepreneurial move is all it takes to lose tons of money in a blink of an eye. You won’t have to worry though. There are certain things you can do in order to make yourself a gainer, instead of a stock market loser.


Look At The Stock Market Like This

What is the stock market? What does that term really mean to you? To many of us it symbolizes a way to get rich quick, a way to make money without having to really go out and put our back into it but is that really what the stock market is all about?


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