Debt Consolidation Loans: Where To Go To Get The Best Rates


Finding debt consolidation loans can be a tricky business; hundreds of loan companies enter the market every day, each offering a different set of interest rates and promises concerning your financial future. Without any knowledge of this market, you may find the search for a consolidation lender becomes overwhelming. Despite the overabundance of information on the Internet, there are ways you can choose the right company to suit your needs, and protect yourself from fraudulent or inexperienced lenders.

Often, you can find reliable information on credit lenders through data provided by your state. Most states have a specific set of rules regarding fair credit practices, including the maximum interest rate your lender is allowed to charge under law. The rate for this type of loan is different for each state, so you will need to check with your particular state to find information. Having the facts will help you avoid disreputable or fraudulent lenders, who make big promises with little return.

The second resource for information is the Better Business Bureau. If you are researching lenders, you will be able to view reports on any questionable business practices reported by other consumers. While this is not an ironclad defense against disreputable lenders, typically lenders with a good BBB rating are likely to be honest, which includes offering borrowers competitive rates for their services.

A third avenue for information is to check references online. While every financial situation is different, and your interest rate will be primarily determined on your credit-worthiness, you may be able to find reviews from other clients who had a good experience with a particular lender. This can tell you if the lender is responsive, effective, and easy to work with. Each of these traits is more likely in a lender who engages in honest business practices with fair usury rates.

Once you locate lenders who have a good reputation in the business, you can begin the process of evaluating each. These lenders will probably ask you for certain financial information in order to provide you better information on your rate and terms of the loan. Each lender will have access to different types of programs and may potentially have relationships with creditors, so it pays to shop around.

Once you have picked a lender, you can negotiate the terms of your agreement, including fair interest rate and favorable terms and payments. Do not be afraid to ask questions or double-check information. You should feel in control of the transaction at all times.

No single lender can guarantee you the fastest resolution to your debt issue, the best rate, or the most favorable terms. In fact, you should be suspicious of any lender making claims that seem too good to be true. With a little research, you can find a lender with a reasonable rate, who can guide you through the process.

Armed with the best knowledge about debt consolidation loans, you will be in a good position to make decisions for your future. Remember, this is only the first step in your larger financial plan. Once you secure a loan, managing it appropriately will go a long way to getting you back on your feet financially.

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