10 Ways to Save Time and Money with an Independent Leasing Consultant

Leasing is based on the principle of “use-of vs. ownership.” A client makes money by using equipment, not by owning it. The following tips explain what a leasing consultant is and how they can improve your image and increase your productivity while you enjoy the rewards of higher profits.


You will never have to deal with sales managers, sales reps, account managers, or any other managers that come to mind. An independent is the only one who assists you with your client’s leasing/loan options. A good consultant will follow up to make sure you are satisfied with work that was done. They will also keep you current on the latest leasing news and trends.


Time is money when you cannot get a consultant to handle your client’s financing. An independent is one phone call away. He or she will keep you updated with emails, phone calls, or faxes throughout the process.


Hire an independent for one lease/loan or for several. It costs nothing to have a vendor program in place, and leasing consultants are paid when the leasing transaction is successfully completed. Have a leasing/loan program in place with only one leasing company, not several.


The independent leasing consultant is highly trained both technically and on business issues. They know the ins and outs of leasing, and they specialize in your field. The independent is a teacher, trainer, author, and technician.


The independent leasing consultant is a highly motivated professional. They strive to help companies improve their image and increase productivity while repeating the rewards of higher profits by using, not owning, their equipment.


The client will pay when equipment is successfully installed and inspected. The consultant is paid when transactions are successfully completed.


In order to run credit checks, all leasing consultants must maintain an office either at secured location within their home or at an outside location. To be in the leasing business, a leasing consultant is required by the credit agencies to maintain a secured location with locks on doors and file cabinets.


Today’s leasing consultants must have a web site. Years ago, when I ran my software business, I did not have a web site because I did not need one. The Internet better defined today; it is quick and easy to send email, have a web site, and be in e-commerce.

There are two types of web sites: one that tells about the leasing consultant, and one that tells about the business. The web site is usually the name of the leasing consultant. It will contain a bio, articles, and maybe an EZINE from the leasing consultant. The other site is about their business, and includes the benefits of leasing and application forms for clients to fill out and send electronically.

Both types of web sites should navigate easily and give full contact information – business address, phone, and email.


A leasing consultant coaches you through the lease process by asking questions and supporting the client. They work to get you and your clients the best leasing program available, and offer suggestions and opinions when needed. They bridge any gaps between your financials and your business, and can customize a lease that works best for you.


An independent leasing consultant is a professional businessperson who runs a tight ship. They are in the relationship business and are not just financial geeks.

Dan Singleton of http://www.eastcoastleasinggroup.com is a twenty-five year veteran of the high-tech industry. Dan is the author of several articles and the book, Careers in Computer Consulting”. Dan has previously taught in the MIS department at Johnson and Wales University and is available to speak on high-tech and leasing topics.