25 Mad Original Things You Could Do With A Sudden Financial Windfall

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty tired of the usual advice about buying a car, investing in property and home improvement that seem to make up the sum total of what to do with that windfall we are going to be getting over the next few months. So I thought I would compile an alternative list..just to get your brain thinking…some of them are fun, some radical..

1. Give it all to your favourite charity
2. Employ a stylist to buy the most extraordinary wardrobe of beautiful flattering clothes for you.
3. Employ a top coach for a year to help you totally transform your life. Think Cheryl Richardson, Michael Neill, Nicola Cairncross, Debbie Ford
4. Begin an art collection.
5. Take 6 months off work and do nothing.
6. Help build a village in a Third World country.
7. Purchase copies of all your favourite movies and purchase a home cinema system to watch them on.
8. Go back to college
9. Learn a language by total immersion in a foreign country for 6 months.
10. Buy a website and learn to make money from it.
11. Give up work and live in total silence in a monastary for 6 months.
12. Buy a small boat and sail around Ireland.
13. Employ a top rated musician to teach you a musical instrument.
14. Write a book and publish it yourself (Roddy Doyle did it!)
15. Make a CD of your own songs and music.
16. Finance a young person in the Third World to go to school.
17. Visit all your favourite sporting venues.
18. Hold a humongous party for all your friends – show them how much they mean to you.
19. Clear all your debts and then work on staying debt-free (just thought i’d throw a sensible one in there!)
20. Draw up a list of people you admire, approach them and offer to work for free for one of them for 3 months…
21. Draw up a list of your favourite artists and purchase a copy of all their works.
22. Choose a skill you really want to develop and invest in becoming world-class at it.
23. Work with a hypnotist to finally, totally sort out your weight problem.
24. Investigate purchasing a franchise.
25. Make a (small) movie or invest in one.

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