4 Reasons You Don’t Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

When contemplating bankruptcy most likely you will contact an attorney because you think with something do complex you need one to make sure that is it discharged. When you consult with an attorney they will get you believe that you need them especially if you have a home and a car you are still paying off. We can tell you that an attorney is not necessary and we are going to give you four reasons why that is.

Number One: A Lawyer will promise you protection against creditors and all of their harassment. The truth of the matter is that the courts are the ones who can get the creditors to stop calling. Once you hand in your paperwork, the courts contact your creditors and issue a stay. Only a court can issue a stay.

Number Two: A lawyer may tell you that they will file your papers and attend the hearing with you for a low price. Most lawyers will not do this for under $ 1000. The whole reason why you are filing for bankruptcy is that you don’t have money to pay your bills why would you have an extra $ 1000 or so to pay an attorney. Go to the Federal Court Division in your town and ask the clerk for a set of bankruptcy papers. You can fill them out your self for a low fee of between $ 185 and about $ 200 depending on what chapter you are filing for.

Number Three: A lawyer will tell you they will attend the 341 Meeting with you, giving you a false sense of security. After you file your claim of bankruptcy you must attend a 341 Meeting. All this meeting is, is a review of your paperwork that you submitted to the court. The court appointed trustee runs the meeting. There is no judge involved. If you were to pay an attorney for this meeting then you would basically be paying them to hold your hand. You don’t need an attorney for this. Number Four: With the changes in the law, you receive a court appointed trustee who handles your case. The trustee is free from the court and a lawyer is an asset if you don’t want to do anything yourself. But the paperwork is easy to fill out, you can even take it home and take your time and fill it out there. For a lawyer to fill out your paperwork they are just going to ask you the same questions on the sheet that you are getting.

Bankruptcy is a serious thing but it doesn’t mean that if requires the use of an attorney. Some people may feel protected by a lawyer but you really don’t need one. The court has people who can help you fill out the paperwork. The court will handle your creditors, the only thing you have to do is answer all of your questions on your court papers honestly. If you do that you will have no worries.

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