Are Any Personal Loans Safe?

There are people that think that an unsecured personal loan is safe because nothing is being used as collateral. This means that the loan is not secured against a house or vehicle and so those cannot be automatically taken if the repayments cannot be met. However this does not mean that you are safe if you do not make the repayments.


As soon as you miss a payment the lender will start charging you fees. These can be a fixed fee or a fee per day that you are outstanding. Some loans such as Payday Loans are well known for charging very high fees and this could very quickly make the amount of money owed very high.

Higher Interest

Once you start missing repayments on a loan, you could find that the interest rates will start to go up. You will also find that if you try to borrow money from anyone else, they will also charge higher interest as they will see you as a high risk.

Collection Agency

If you do not make the repayments, then the company that you owe money to can send a collection agency to get it from you. It means that you will not get away from the debt, even if you think that you can escape it because you took out an unsecured loan.


If you cannot come up with the money that you owe then the company that you owe money to can take out a lawsuit against you. This will be likely to be a last resort and will not be done unless things get very serious. However, it is possibility and something that you will want to avoid at all costs.

Therefore, there is no such thing as a safe personal loan. You will need to make sure that you can make the repayments when they are requested or else you will find that you could get in to trouble. This could be financial trouble or more serious trouble with the law. In fact it could be easier to get a secured loan so that you could never get into trouble with the law. They will take your house or car, but at least you will not have a criminal record.

Some loans are more risky than others though, in the sense that some have more fees and interest charges. It is worth making sure that if you do feel that you have to take out a personal loan, that you choose one with manageable payments that you are confident that you will be able to afford, but there are none that are safe.

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