Basics of Structured Settlements – Your Rights And Taxes

Structured settlement factoring regulations have undergone significant changes in recent years. You can now sell your structured payments with greater security and confidence. These changes are in place to make it easier for the person that has a need to get their compensation faster. While it is still going to cost you a sizeable amount of money when it comes to securing cash now for future structured settlements, the process is now a bit less complicated, especially in regards to working with insurance companies that used to resist the structured settlement transfers.

What’s Changed And What You Need To Know

There are several key things that have changed in regards to structured settlement sales. First, it is not simply easier to make happen. Although 30 some states had already passed laws helping individuals to do sell their structured settlements already, the entire country now gets to benefit from these laws. In effect, they streamline the process making it a faster, safer way to get the funds that you need.

Another important consideration is that of taxes. There was a continuous battle going on over whether or not you had to pay taxes on the funds from your structured settlement if in fact you did sell it. The laws that just went into play say that there never was a need to pay taxes and that there is now no need to pay taxes on these funds. Therefore, the tax consequences that were once considered to be larger risks in whether or not you should sell your structured settlements have been leveled, making it less of a risk for you.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that you will lose money if you sell your structured settlement now as opposed to holding onto it over the course of the original term. In fact, this new structured settlement law does not provide you with any reassurance or limitations in regards to how much companies will have to pay you to purchase your settlement. This kicks the door wide open for various problems including losing a considerable amount of money through the sale of your structured settlement.

In addition to this, it has become even more important for the seller of a structured settlement to seek out the help of their trusted attorney, or someone that can work closely with them to insure that they are not being taken advantage of during the process of selling their structured settlement.

There are many times when the sale of a structured settlement is essential to the well being of the person that holds it. Life changes and and so does the need to get your hands on the money that should be your own. With the help of the recent laws, individuals can secure the funds to do with what they need to, without worrying about many of the pitfalls that once were in place. Now, you have the ability to make your own decisions regarding these structured settlement sales. That’s a good thing.

Samuel Towers writes to expand possibilities on the financial side of life. Currently he is examining what’s possible in the world of structured settlements and annuities. What he learns, he shares in his articles.