Be Smart. Invest in Visa Business Writing.

If you have even considered applying for a visa, you know that it’s not as simple as filling-in the blanks, checking boxes, or signing dotted-lines. If you want to present a professional, accurate visa application, the best option is to seek a company that specializes in visa business writing.

There are two visas that require planning and investments; they are the L1 and the E2 visas.

The L1 visa was created to allow foreign employers to transfer a professional employee, with specialized knowledge relating to the organization’s interests, from one of its foreign offices to the United States. This Visa is temporary, but it can be extended with L1 Visa Extension Process. One of the main components of the application is a clear, well-written business plan. Completing a USCIS approved business plan demands time and attention, and many turn to the assistance of professional business plan writers to ensure that the process is painless and completed in time.

The E2 visa, commonly known as an Investor Visa, is given to individuals who come to the United States to either purchase or create a new business. First and foremost, the investment is must be capital, however another aspect is creating a well-structured business strategy that will stand the test of time and actually thrive over a long period of time. There is, on many levels, an investment of sorts. Authorities such immigration lawyers or business plan writing companies such as Joorney Immigration Business Plans can help lessen the burden of the writing task and make sure that all details are in the correct place.

Both visas can grant the applicant at least two years in the U.S., renewable upon approval. They are coveted by many, and grantees typically reap more than just monetary compensation from their investment in these visas. Therefore, if serious about one of these visas, and because they are detailed, seeking advice is highly recommended. Don’t be afraid to invest a little more venture in your future business adventure.