California Debt Consolidation – For Your Stress Free Life

What is a debt consolidation loan?

A Debt consolidation loan is defined as a fresh loan taken to repay the existing consolidated debt. This collated debt may include multiple debts like health bills, vehicle loans, credit card bills or even education bills. The new loan can be availed of from a debt consolidation agency, financial institutions, private investors or individual lenders against a security like real estate, bonds or debentures but at low rates of interest and flexible repayment terms all of which enable single monthly outflows and generation of savings.

The phenomenon of Debt consolidation in California:

California boasts a high percentage of people ensnared in the vicious debt trap. Figures reported for 2005 indicate American consumer debt reaching the $2.2 trillion mark and still escalating. The rising debt levels is attributed to excessive spending by consumers using multiple credit cards and the invariable exhaustion of credit limits through purchases made with them.

Normally these cards are unsecured and charge a high rate of interest, and failure to repay the outstanding amount leads to legal notices being sent by creditors to the debtors. No wonder then that California debt consolidation loans are the most sought after by debtors who want to ease their debt burden quickly.

A debt consolidation agency will offer debt and bill consolidation services offline or online to interested clients. While the main aim of any debt consolidation agency would be to clear debt to zero, the debtor needs to reason if taking out yet another loan makes sense. While these have their inherent advantages the debtor stands to lose the asset placed as collateral in case of defaulting on a payment.

Advantages of California debt Consolidation Loans:

Losing collateral aside, California debt consolidation loans, like other debt consolidation loans entail:
collation of all debts to make a single whole, leading to
a single but reduced monthly payment to the debt consolidation agency rather than to individual creditors,
low interest rates with
extensible repayment durations,
greater savings and
elimination of bankruptcy and any additional debt incurrence
Additionally almost all California debt consolidation loans come through as secured loans with interest rates ranging between 6 and 12 percent thereby assisting the debtor fully.

Also, with California debt consolidation loans the advantage is that debts get cleared within the stipulated period of time meaning that the shorter the term, the smaller the service charges, lesser expenses and higher savings.

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