Credit To Aid The Military

Made To Alleviate Difficult Times

The loans created specially for military personnel in times of hardship were created with very particular conditions. To begin with, the interest rates are much lower. There are lenders who specialize in personal loans to the military and their interest rates have a fat reduction with respect to normal loans, sometimes, even 5% less than for civilians.

Also, in the event of having taken a loan from a normal lender, you have the right to ask for the particular interest available to the military and the lender is obliged to correct the rates.

Allotment Payments

Bad credit loans are normally unsecured, which are generally risky for lenders. Military unsecured loans have a condition called allotment payments, which means that the payments are discounted directly from your net salary, thus securing the lender’s payment.

The consequences of this are a) security for the lender and b) a convenience for you, because there is no risk of missing a payment or paying late. Then there is an additional benefit: The perfect repayment of the instalments means that your credit ratings will improve dramatically.


Lenders who grant loans to the military have special applications that can be processed on line, from anywhere in the globe you happen to be, making the process very simple and with a lot less paperwork. In addition to this, the funds are transferred to you in a shorter period of time.

An interesting option when considering a lender is choosing one who has served in one of the forces, which means that they know how military personnel live and feel. They will be able to assist you step by step and give you sound advice.


There is also a payment protection system, which is very competitive and generally has no wartime exclusions. It is a debt cancellation tool that will respond to any serious circumstance, like any other life or disability insurance.

Security Measures

Military personnel may rest assured that lenders to the military will keep their information classified and will be secure at all times. It is one of the primary conditions a lender must observe if he wishes to work with armed forces personnel.

Customer Service

Regarding customer service, there is also a very fine-tuned assistance, in order to alleviate any anxiety or uncertainty as to the conditions, payments and special circumstances that may arise.

Whenever you may require a loan, especially if your credit rating is not the best, find out first which lenders specialize in military personnel, to avoid scams in the first place and the “normal” conditions that you will eventually have to request the lender to change.

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