Details to Be Given to Get Landlord Insurance Quote

Landlord InsuranceLandlord insurance is a cover for all the risks that the landlord faces. Depending on the type of property that the landlord rents out, residential or commercial, will be his risks. As the risk factor varies, the Landlord Insurance quote will also vary. The provides the details that the landlord has to give in order to get landlord insurance quote for a flat, are

When the quote is got for a company that has leases out property it will have to specify name of the person, name of the company, e-mail id and phone number. If you are a private landlord then except for the name of the company the same details have to be entered. The address of the landlord and the address of the property which is to be leased out have got to be given in detail.

Property details:

If it is a flat that is purpose built, flat converted, house, house (detached), house (semi-detached), house (terraced)or if it is a shop with flat.

If the property is owned for five years or more you have to calculate the deterioration of the property.

Property owned in Scotland; for Scotland has different rules from UK for property.

The year when the building was constructed to determine the life of the building. The property is listed or unlisted; a listed property is far safer than an unlisted property. Listed property is checked and graded to level one, level two. The insurer will want to know if the landlord has got IEEE certificate for his property that is to be insured.

The security of the property is checked and noted. Where building maintenance programme is in place, the property is well taken care of as periodical checks are done by the maintenance committees of the property. Security measures taken by the landlord can be a sprinkler and an intruder alarm.

In case you need landlord contents cover you will have to state the sum of carpets and white goods that have to be covered. Since this is a residential flat that we are getting landlord insurance for, the insurer will want to know if it is used for business purposes. If the property is currently occupied, then current residential occupancy type has to be mentioned.

Also, the insurers would want to know if anyone has financial interest in the property. Any previous claims, type of claims have to be stated. ERN exempt landlords will have to mention their ERN number. Finally the insurance company would want to know if the tenant has had any past criminal records except for the traffic offense.

These are the details that a landlord will have to provide in order to get Landlord Insurance quotes for his residential property.

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