Get More Tax Refund Money Using Income Tax Deductions and Credits

How do some people seem to always pay less tax or get a bigger tax refund than anyone else, while you try everything possible, just to break even? What if you could find a way to get 20%, 30% or even 50% more money on your tax refund, how much money would that be? Hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

If you could learn just one thing that would help you to get more money back at tax time, this is it. Learn how to use more Federal tax deductions and tax credits when you prepare your taxes. When you learn how to find and use the over 350 tax deductions and credits that are available to every taxpayer, you get more money back at tax refund time.

Here are just a few of the over 350 free tax deductions and credits available to you:

Home mortgage interest, real estate taxes, property taxes
Earned income credit, child tax credit, child care credit
Energy tax credits
State and local income taxes
Charitable contributions
Home office deduction
Medical and dental expenses
You could spend a bundle paying a tax accountant to find every tax deduction and credit, but you no longer have to. I’ll show you how you can use tax deductions and credits to give you a triple digit increase in your income tax refund.

Just one tax credit can get you an extra $500

You’ve practiced energy conservation and purchased energy efficient windows and insulation for your house. You can transform this into an (energy tax credit) on your income tax. This is a true tax credit not just a deduction, in other words you can slice up to $500 off of your tax bill or add it to your refund. You can take the energy tax credit on:
Home improvements: windows, high efficiency heating and cooling devices, metal roofs, heat pumps and boilers
Efficient cars: gas and electric, diesel, alternative fuel and fuel cells
Solar energy: solar heaters, photovoltaic systems and fuel cells
Luckily for all of us, there are now free tools on the Internet, to help find more income tax deductions and credits than ever before. This year when tax time rolls around, try searching for those overlooked tax deductions, and make your tax refund bigger than ever!

You can go to Turbo Tax Online and use their IRS approved tax software to search and find every tax credit and deduction available to you. TurboTax Online is Free to Use as much as you like 24/7. The only time you pay is when you decide to print or efile your taxes. Get all the tax deductions you deserve when you prepare and file your taxes online with Turbotax.