How to Choose a Car Insurance Company

If you have car insurance I am sure you will have heard advice about comparing prices and checking whether you can save money if you switch to a different insurer. Some people swap insurers each year so that they can pay less, but some are loyal to their brand or are not really sure how to pick a good car insurance company. It is not surprising that people get confused as there are so many to choose from and they all make different claims as to why they are the best. In order to choose between them it is best to compare them on a variety of things. Below are some ideas but you may have other criteria too:

  • Cost
  • Value for money
  • Reputation
  • Customer service
  • Cost

The cost is something will matter to everyone. We never want to pay more than we have to. Therefore comparing how much a car insurance will charge us, will be a big factor in our decision. It is possible to approach lots of companies to get a quote but it can take time. Some people are happy to telephone companies or enter details online and get a series of quotes this way. However, it can take a lot of time and some people do not like using the telephone or they do not like filing out forms. If you use a comparison website they will still require you to complete a form but they will then check the prices of a selection of different insurers so you can get an idea of what different companies will charge. This is much quicker but there is some bias. Some companies do not appear on comparison websites; you can only approach them directly. Others will not appear because they do not pay any or much commission to introducers and so it is not worth the comparison websites listing them as they rely on the income they earn from the introduction fees they are paid if you click a link through their website to buy your insurance.

You can go to a broker and they will compare insurers for you without you having to fill in anything. You may have one in your local town s you can do it face to face rather than having to telephone. Again they limit the amount of insurers they will pick from as they also earn their money through introduction fees.

It can be wise to use a combination of methods, using a broker or comparison website for ease but also going to a few companies that only deal directly with customers. Then you will get a really good idea of how different companies compare cost wise.

Value for money

It is all very well looking or the cheapest insurer but you need to make sure that what you are getting is the right cover for you. Many people will just want a standard insurance, but you may expect certain things to be included. You may want to be insured driving abroad, to be insured to drive other cars, to have a courtesy car if yours is being repaired under the insurance, want legal cover or things like this. Sometimes these things are included and sometimes they are not. It can be hard to read through all of the terms and get an understanding of what is included. It can be better to call the customer services department and clarify with them whether items you assume are included, actually are. You may find that you have to add them in and this puts up the price of the policy. But alternatively, you may be able to take out some things from the policy that you do not want and make it cheaper.


Often the reputation of the insurer is an important factor when deciding who to pick. We may think that we are not really that bothered but if someone tells us of a bad experience they have had with a certain insurer it is likely that will be wary about using them. Some people only like to go with an insurer that they have heard of as they think that means they are bigger, more popular and therefore a safer option. This may not necessarily be the case, but it is good to find out a bit more about them. Ask family and friends and work colleagues about who they use and whether they would recommend them and why. You will also find information online and although this is more likely to be biased it can still be of some use to you when trying to decide who to use.

Customer service

If you want to get in touch with your insurer, whether to ask a question or make a claim, then you want to be confident that they will be polite and helpful. You may get some information about what they are like when you research their reputation. However, you may feel more reassured if you actually contact them yourselves and see what they are like. It is good to think about what method you might use to contact them, perhaps live chat, email or telephone and use that method when you are testing them out and you will get a really good idea of what they will be like in the future.

This may seem like a lot of different things to investigate when you are just trying to find a good car insurer. You may even find that there are other things which are important to you when choosing an insurer as well and so you may have to add other things to your list while doing your research and investigations. However, it is worth noting that it will not take that long and once you have done it a few times it will become even easier. It can also potentially save you a significant amount of money and potentially give you a better service as well.

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