How to Choose Health Insurance Plan for You and Your Family

The foremost concern of every individual is the security and benefits of their loved ones. People work hard to provide for their families, and to ensure their betterment. Thus, many people embrace the benefits and advantages of life and health insurances. Hence, there are varied insurance companies that offer different insurance and health policies around the world. Mostly, insurance policies tender transparent transactions and dealings with their investors. In this way, investors can follow the developments of their investment with a particular company.

One of the well-known insurance companies is SBI Life Insurance which initiated its first health insurance plan called as the ‘Criti9’. SBI is a joint business enterprise between BNP Paribas and State Bank of India. Hence the ‘Criti9’ is a part of a project that intends on providing their clients with protection against 9 critical illnesses like heart attack, cancer, and organ transplants. ‘Criti9’ attempts on providing superior health insurance options to their valued clients. And this policy can be beneficial for a minimum of at least 2 years, while 5 years as maximum, along with a yearly premium mode. However, this policy can be availed by State Bank account possessors aged 18-55 years, along with a maximum coverage ceasing age of 65 years. Consequently, SBI health plans are expected to significantly grow in the succeeding years.

On the other hand, Aviva India is another company that offers promising health policies available in India. Aviva India is in fact, a mutual project between Aviva PLC and Dabur. Aviva PLC is United Kingdom’s largest insurance group, while Dabur is one of India’s largest and oldest financial groups. Aviva India has commenced Aviva Health Plus Plan (AHPP) which provides outstanding features to its clients. AHPP is a complete health plan that covers ill health, disability and accidental death, along with a guarantee of a return of partial premium on its maturity. It also protects clients against 18 crucial illnesses. Similar to the ‘Criti9’, this plan can be obtained by clients aged 18-55 years, with a 10-year policy term. Further benefits of AHPP cover Total Permanent Disability, Surgical Cash Benefits, Hospital Cash Benefits, and many more.

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