How Your Business Can Make the Best Use of Social Media

There are many ways to promote your business, but social media is now becoming something which most businesses are taking advantage of. This is because many people use social media frequently and so it is a way that a business can get their brand known and even sell their products. There are many different social media outlets though and it can be difficult knowing which to choose. You may be tempted to use the one that you are most familiar with but this may not be the best for your business. There are different factors which are worth looking at in order to compare them.

Popularity – obviously you want to make sure that the social media channel that you choose will be popular. You need to make sure that lots of people are engaging with it so that they are more likely to get to know you and your brand and hopefully make a purchase as a result. Instagram is growing fast at the moment so this could be worth considering as an option and it links into Facebook, so you can share images form there into Facebook which could make managing two accounts easier if you decide to have more than one. YouTube is also very popular being the most popular site after Google and so this could be worth considering if you are capable of putting together and editing quality video content. Whereas LinkedIn is limited more to business to business and Pinterest appeals to less people, so you will need think hard about whether these will actually suit your needs.

Search Engines – some social media sites have content which shows up in search engines. For example Google+ and Twitter tend to show in Google search results and YouTube also shows up in search engine results. If you think that your potential customers will find you through search engines, rather than directly within the social media pages that you choose to have, then this is well worth considering.

Cost – you may think that social media is free and to some extent it is. However, many sites have the potential for paying for advertising and this could be the only way that you can engage with enough people to make it worthwhile using it. You may also want to run contests which will cost you in prizes and may end up not giving you good value for money if not enough people see it, so you may need to advertise them. Google+ doesn’t not allow contests so you would not be able to use them for this. If you want great videos or photos then you may need to invest in some equipment which can help with producing these.

Ease of use – some social media platforms are easier to use than others. Ones that you currently use will be easier for you as you will know how to see them already. It may also help to encourage other people to use them if they are easy so could be better in this way as well. Most are easy to use although Pinterest and YouTube can be more complex and you need to have quality photos and videos for them to work as this is what they are based around.

Reliability – It is important to choose sites that will be reliable. Although you may feel they all are, it is worth considering a few things. For example, Facebook is prone to choosing hat content it shows to people so when you post, there is no guarantee that your followers will see the post on their newsfeed, they may only see it if they visit your page. Instagram is better for this but links do not work so they have to be cut and pasted in order to be followed which can be tricky on a mobile device.

Direct selling options – some social media platforms allow you to have a shop option. You can do this on Instagram and Facebook and it can allow people to more easily buy things that you are selling. Some people will be happy to use this and like that fact that it is convenient, but some people might prefer to go to a website and find out more about you before they buy anyway. Of course, this may not suit your company anyway.

It is well worth thinking about what you hope to achieve with social media. It can be very time consuming and you need to make sure that what you are spending time doing is worth it. If you have plenty of time, then you will be able to experiment with it and try out lots of things, using many different social media channels. However, if your time is limited, it is important to make sure that you are using the best one or two for your business that will engage as many potential customers as possible and get them spending money with you. Using too many different social media sites could get muddles and confusing as well. There are some sites where you can just duplicate content between them, which makes them fairly easy to manage and many people do this with Facebook and Instagram. However, some are totally different, such as Pinterest and so you would need to do something completely different for this site. An alternative option to also consider would be hiring a company such as Click Consult to manage your social media campaign for you.

It is not always easy to know where you potential customers are and which social media site they are most likely to use However, if you have close competitors take a look at what they are doing and whether they seem to be getting a lot of followers and likes on things they are posting. If you do not have close competitors just take a look at companies that are similar to yours and see what they are doing. Also think about what seems natural for you and your business and whether you want something that showcases videos, photos or text or perhaps something that is capable of all of them. If you still need help then we can advise you as to what might be best for your company.

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