Is Saving Important?

Is saving important? Should you save the money you earn?

Recently, I read an article from my local newspaper. In this article, the author’s friends do not save any single cent. They just spend all their income in the month!

The reason is, they are losing money by saving!

This is mainly because of high inflation rate nowsaday, the money they save does not have the save purchasing power as before.

So, instead of saving money, they would rather to spend all the money they have before the value of their money gone away.

It sounds reasonable too. Why should you keep the money when you know the value of money drops everyday?

Spend the money today could give you more purchasing power than tomorrow!


The is the biggest trap which could make you poorer and poorer!

In order to have your own wealth and fortune, you should save as much money as you can, from today after you finish this article.

Ok, you may be confused now. If you save money, actually you’re just losing money because of inflation, but, if you don’t save, you will become a poor.

So, should you save your money?

My employer is a wealthy old folk and he is now still doing his own million dollar business.

His secret to become a wealthy person is save his income from the business and invest his saved money in a profitable investment for example mutual fund, real property and fixed deposit.

You see, my boss is not just save his money from his business, but also invest the money!

By saving money, you will have ability to get into the most profitable investment.

Saving money is a preparation. Most people cannot get rich is because they don’t prepare!

For example, one day your friend calls you and inform you that he is going to sell his house in a hot area.

Because of the financial difficulty, he needs money and he is willing to sell you his house under market value and just ask you for a 5,000 bucks as deposit.

You know the area is good and has a great income potential for rental, and you know this is a great chance and great deal.

But, you have to say ‘bye-bye’ for this deal because you don’t have money for deposit.

Why? This is because you don’t save money and you have to pass this great opportunity!

From the above short story, you will discover that why saving is so important to get rich.

If you don’t save money at all, you really don’t have any chance to get rich. If you just save money and don’t invest, the inflation will eat out all your money.

In conclusion, saving is your first step. Save your money and invest smart, you should be able to make your own fortune

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