New Tax Law Benefits For Car Donation Tax Deduction

The IRS has taken steps to take the guesswork and confusion associated with car donation tax deduction with a new law. When January 1, 2005 rolled around, you were able to deduct the full price that the charity of your choice receives for the sale of your car.

Many times people were hesitant to donate their car to a charity that so desperately needs the help simply because of the hassle involved in finding the fair market value of their vehicle if the vehicle was worth more than $500. Often the donator had to look up the car they were looking to donate in the infamous “Blue Book” to get an estimate for the fair market value in order to get the full benefits of a car donation tax deduction.

With the new law if your car sells for more than $500 at the auction where your car will be sold, the charity is obligated to send you a receipt that has your name and vehicle identification number or VIN of your car. They must also state that your donation was “arms length” which means that the person or organization you donated your car to is not related to you in any way whether it is your family or a business associate. They must also include the selling price of your car. This is the fair market value price. It is that simple. No more searching through records and books trying to find the right numbers to make your car donation tax deduction.

If the car you donate is sold for less than $500, it is up to you to determine the fair market value as long as the figure is below $500. The tax receipt that the charity is required to send you will be less detailed and will merely acknowledge your donation. The information included on the tax receipt will be your name, the date of the donation and a brief description of the vehicle.

The simplification of the laws concerning car donation tax deduction is good news for charities. As more people realize the good their car donation can do for others and the ease in which you can itemize your car donation tax deduction, they will be eager to help. Spread the word so that more people donate more cars to help even more people.

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