Oil, Iraq And You – A Possible Jouney To Individual Wealth

As mentioned in the last two articles the end game for the war in Iraq is to take the oil and sell it for a profit. It is easy to sit back in our recliners and watch our plasma televisions and argue that we, as a society, are against the war. Just look at all of the polls and you see how so many Americans disagree with what the Bush Administration is doing with foreign policy. Americans by an large say how they hate the war and then they go and get in their vehicle OF CHOICE and drive away. These same Americans would be up in arms if the price of gasoline went rocketing to price points unknown to the American society. If a gallon of gas cost $7.00, then the average American would be on your local news saying how Bush is so terrible and how we are being ripped off by the big oil companies and how there would have to be a windfall tax on the big oil companies. President Bush is only doing what the average American wants to have done. The average American will refuse to realize this, let alone admit the fact.

By invading Iraq, American oil companies are now ready to pounce into this desperate nation and reap the millions and millions of barrels of oil, which will ensure a safe and stable flow of oil for the next thirty years to the United States.

It is not a coincidence that the government of Iraq is about to pass a law allowing foreign companies access onto Iraqi soil and start pumping oil at the same time the U.S. Military arrives in Baghdad to squash the escalating violence. The U.S. population thinks President Bush is a dolt with little intelligence. I could not disagree more, the man has almost pulled off the greatest deception in the history of mankind. If the plan works the United States will have used the American media to portray how violent and useless the entire situation is in Iraq. The foreign nations have shied away from the risk of investment allowing the Americans to step in and secure favorable contracts to secure the flow of oil for the next thirty two years.

As early as the first week in March of 2007, the Iraqi Government will ratify into law what is needed to allow the Americans to come in and modernize the oilfields. Since there is so much risk, the bulk of the early profits will be returned to America to return the capital spent. The nation of Iraq has to modernize their oil fields or they will never stabilize. Iraq needs the money and only the U.S. has been there, boots on the ground, and as a result will now help set up the Iraqi future with the oil revenues. It has been too dangerous for other nations to put their boots on the ground.

Is it a coincidence that the long sought buildup of troops will reach its peak when the signing of the Iraqi law is completed? The violence will not go away, but it will lock down the ability to enter Iraq and take the oil. While other nations cower at sending in troops the U.S. has led the charge and is now soundly in position to reap the benefits of the oil charge.

Is President Bush stupid? The U.S. media says he is, but what would they know? The U.S. media is the pawn Bush used to accomplish his plan. The U.S. media is the one who has assured that when you go home and park your car, you will not have to complain about the price of gasoline.

Why do I write this? Because I am trying to get your attention and not miss the greatest investment chance of your life! You need to think about purchasing Iraqi dinar, which is Iraqi currency. I do not sell them but I sure do purchase them, for private ambitions. I stash them away by the million and if the Bush Doctrine works, Iraq will be wealthy and the Dinar will rocket to value. For only a minimal expense you have the potential to earn millions.

http://www.FreedomsGr8.com Keith Quackenbush is a graduate of St. John’s University, New York. He has spent considerable amount of time traveling throughout the world for the United States Government as a Marine Officer. If you have any questions please feel free to contact, but be aware that he does not sell Investments or investment advice.