Top 5 Most Expensive Areas for Car Insurance

Whether you’re 17 or 70, insurance will always be an issue of content when you’re looking at purchasing a new or used car. If you’re 17 you can expect to pay more on the annual insurance than you will on the car itself, and unfortunately this can be true across the nation. But there are certain hotspots where you’ll be paying a significant amount more for your auto insurance cover, and if you’re unlucky enough to be a driver living in one of these areas; you might want to stop reading now.

1) Liverpool
Being female is a big bonus for those looking to insure their cars, you’re often privy to a huge discount simply of the basis if your gender. If you live on the Merseyside, ladies, you can expect to be shelling out on the painful side of £2,500 a year for your car. You can thank the high crime rates and car theft for this. The higher the risk, the higher the revenue as far as the insurance companies are concerned.

2) Wembley
It may be known for its famous football stadium, but this Middlesex city could soon be known as a pedestrian only zone! If you’re a middle aged male looking to insure a car in Wembley, you can find yourself looking into the barrel of a similar price to those Scouse ladies; £2,400. Whilst Wembley isn’t well known for its high crime rates, it is fairly close to some of London’s rougher parts and the migration of crime doesn’t stop at city borders.

3) Manchester
Are you noticing a pattern here? That’s right, cities equate directly to a rising price of car insurance. Mancunians this year will be paying almost £2,200 on insuring their car. Consider avoiding the M23 postcode if you’re moving into the area with a car.

4) Hassocks
Sussex is known for its wide rural landscape and a scattering of villages and small towns, not sprawling urban metropolises. So why can Hassocks drivers look forward to a £2,400 premium? Insurers consider claims history of the area too, not just crime. Living in a beautiful village that is addicted to claiming on their insurance will see you pay as much as the vandalised estates of Newcastle.

5) Beaconsfield
A market town in Buckinghamshire is the unlikely dwelling of a nasty £2,153.72 insurance premium, but unfortunately for some, it’s a well known problem. You can look to the increased number of crashes on country roads, dangerous driving conditions or a number of factors that the insurers simply won’t tell us.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you might find yourself saving money on relocating your entire life to Berwick, Burton or Bungay.

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