Visitors Medical Insurance – An Overview

Visitors medical insurance covers unforeseen medical expenses of a policyholder from accidents or sickness that might occur during a foreign or US visit. It is aimed to benefit short-term travelers. The travelers may be on a visit to meet their near and dear ones or on a vacation to explore new destinations. Though the purpose of visit varies, the basic norms of insurance are applicable to all international travelers. The insurance companies give insurance coverage to tourists during travel and overseas stay.

Visitors medical insurance policies can be purchased any time prior or after the start of travel for different periods. The period may range from five days to three years. Various types of coverage from basic to most comprehensive ones are available. Plans also offer different levels of maximum coverage and many options for deductibles. One has to choose the best plan depending on the individual’s requirement and affordability.

Why Purchase The Insurance?

Health care in countries like USA and Canada is very expensive. Even a minor sickness may require shelling out large amounts of money. Serious medical illness may turn out to be financially disastrous. The insurance plans purchased in their home country do not insure the client in a foreign land. Hence, Visitors health insurance becomes all the more important for people travelling abroad. The insured person can avoid financial shortcomings during health emergencies.

Insurance Coverage

The Visitors medical insurance plans broadly include emergency medical need or evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment, repatriation of mortal remains, costs of prescription drug, and hospital, doctor’s and clinical expenses.

Some Basic Insurance Terms

It is very essential to get familiar with some basic insurance terminology in order to understand various plans and their benefits. Deductible is a basic feature of any policy. This is the amount that has to be paid to the insurance company before the company pays for the covered expenses. Co-insurance options vary with each plan and refer to the total amount to be paid by the insured to the company including the deductible. A comprehensive policy provides the insured a package of health care services.

Choosing The Right Insurance

This is very confusing because of several visitor insurance plans available with very minute differences. A thorough knowledge and research are required before opting the right travel insurance to USA or any other nation. Review and survey of the quotes of different insurance providers are essential. Besides the premium rates, the benefits of various plans should be compared.

Choice of renewing or extending the plans with the extension of the visit is also beneficial. Direct payments to hospitals or doctors by the Insurance companies are always advantageous. The insurance provider should guarantee the cheapest rates for a given plan. One should be able to choose the best insurance policy to suit their visa requirements.

Planning to buy Visitors medical insurance policy goes hand in hand with the other requisitions of a foreign trip. A thorough survey of various Visitors health insurance plans is required to choose the best policy for oneself.

Visitors Medical Insurance protects the visitor from exorbitant medical expenses in another nation that might arise from unforeseen medical emergencies. With a Visitors health insurance, one can enjoy a foreign trip with peace of mind.