What To Look For In a Paid Survey Panel

It’s true that it’s relatively easy to sign up for a survey website and get started, especially these days when they’re everywhere and unemployment is at record levels. However, once you’ve found a survey site that you’re willing to invest yourself in, you need to make sure that they’ll have surveys you’re going to be able to participate in.

Look For Surveys That Apply To You

Many survey sites are linked with companies so that they can easily survey what types of people use their products, and what the people who’ve used their products think of them or of their customer service and product availability. However, many will often have prerequisites for them. This can include your location; for instance, a company may just be looking for opinions on their products from people outside of America, so even if you use that one, you won’t qualify for it. Another may be looking specifically for African American women, so if you’re a white male, you shouldn’t waste your time on it.

Do try to be honest about it; you will often have to fill out a profile that they’ll just take things from, but some survey sites will do a short screening survey to see if you qualify first. According to Scantron Surveys, you could get in trouble with the site if you lie about your credentials.

Try Not To Pick Ones That Waste Your Time

Even if you’ve made sure that you’re looking at a site that will pay you cash for every survey you finish, some may not be worth it. Many sites will have a set amount they pay depending on how long the survey is, while others will not. If a survey is going to take you two hours to finish and only pays you three dollars, you should probably start looking for another one.

If it’s a site that will give you points towards cash or products, make sure you know how many points you have to earn before you’d be able to cash them in for something you actually want. If you think that it would take you months at the rate you finish the surveys it would take to earn even a small prize, it’s a lot of your time wasted for very little output. You’re probably better spending your time on other sites and only doing that one when you have some spare time on your hands.

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